The Equianos Network is not a single institution network and large amounts of thanks must be given to the following institutions / research groups who enable the network to exist.

British Antarctic Survey:

Operation of Halley Base and the James Clark Ross. Operation of BAS owned instrumentation at Halley and technical and operational support for the greenhouse gas measurement instrument owned by RHUL aboard the James Clark Ross.

University of East Anglia:

Collection of samples at Weybourne and the operational set up and running of the UEA owned instrument at Kjolnes, Norway.

Finnish Meteorological Institute:

Operation of the Pallas and Sodankyla FMI sites, collection of tedlar bag air samples from FMI run sites.

South African Weather Service

The South African Weather service maintain the Cape Point site and provide RHUL with regular flask sampling to allow methane isotope analysis.

The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)

Run a continuous greenhouse gas measurement at Zepplin station, Ny-Alesund and co-ordinate the regular flask sampling which are analysed for isotopes at RHUL. NILU also provide regular sampling and a continuous measurement station at Berkeness, Norway.

The Jersey Meteorological Office

The Jersey met office provides facilities to allow the housing of the continuously measuring greenhouse gas analyser based on Jersey and also provides weekly bag samples for analysis at RHUL.